Welcome to the Hall of Heroes - Preserving thier deeds and sharing our heroes with the world.

The Hall of Heroes currently exists as a mobile museum of large displays that help preserve the memories and stories of the brave men and women who have sacrificed everything for our country.

We set these displays up at different time throughout the country and a different places to tell people in those communities about our heroes. Along with the physical Hall of Heroes mobile museum, we expect to have the online version which will be even richer in content and it will be accessible to our Gold Star families who register with us to build their loved one's site. It will also have an area for each hero that is accessible to their friends and others who register with us so that they too can help tell the stories of these men and women to the world while complimenting the physical Hall of Heroes displays.

For dates and locations for the setup of the physical Hall of Heroes displays, please refer back to our website for further information. Pictures from our most recent event can be viewed at: youtube.com

It is a place where families, comrades, friends and a grateful nation can come to celebrate and share in the lives of these heroes through photos, stories, video and more.

We look forward to telling their stories as the physical Hall of Heroes Museum and the website continue to grow in the future.

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If you would like to learn more about our mission or how you can help, please visit, RememberingTheBrave.org.
The Hall of Heroes Mobile Museum is well underway and the Hall of Heroes website will be coming very soon.

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Email: inquiries@rememberingthebrave.org

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